Style edit: Creating a timeless Scandi scheme

‘Scandinavian design’ covers such a huge territory, from the iconic furniture design of mid-century Denmark to the easy, functional aesthetic of modern Scandi brands, but it’s worth remembering that the bedrock of a Scandinavian interior is the blend of simplicity and comfort. When searching for interiors inspiration, designers almost always look to the Nordic countries for the Next Big Thing, but there is a timelessness to Scandi style that can make any interior space sing.


There are infinite ways to incorporate Scandi elegance into your home and recreate that sense of ease and contentment that seems to stem from Swedish and Danish homes.



Scandi style isn’t simply about minimalism, but the concept of ‘just enough’ should underpin every element of a Scandi style home, from the use of furniture and textiles to the presence of pattern and colour. A key differentiator in Scandinavian design is the emphasis on natural materials – while minimalist interiors can feature chrome, plastics and lacquer, they are rarely found in Nordic schemes.


Instead, organic fibres such as seagrass, wool and linen, with natural wood for structural elements and furniture, are a great choice. Select fabrics with a rougher or slightly more open weave in natural colours for upholstery or made to measure furnishings and ensure that any window treatment you choose allows natural light to permeate.

Choosing a Scandinavian theme for your home doesn’t mean resigning yourself to plain walls – there are an array of Nordic wallpaper brands, whose approach to pattern and colour will help you to achieve the serenity and style denoted by the Scandi look. For example, Sandberg’s designs range from the minimal marbling and dappling of their Skog collection – perfect for keeping things pared back – to intricate florals that perfectly complement a natural, rustic interpretation of this look – think washed linens and weathered wood. A clever, measured use of colour is key and wallpaper is a great way to introduce your favourite shades.

Shapes and motifs inspired by nature are also important elements of Scandi design – try incorporating an entomological or botanical print rug, wall art or in a wallpaper or fabric.


An interior inspired by Scandinavian schemes can lift your spirits and give you a sense of both comfort and freedom at the same time. The beauty of most Nordic design features is that they won’t date, giving you the opportunity to invest in quality furniture, textiles and wall coverings that will last and last, safe in the knowledge that they won’t look out of place in a couple of years’ time.


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