Style edit: Creating a mid-century scheme

With design influences dating back to the 1940s, a mid-century interior offers clean lines and high functionality, with plenty of scope for imagination thanks to its mix of identifying features. Perfect for those who have an eclectic style, it enables you to pair high-end designer pieces with handmade elements and treasured antiques, and you can choose whether to keep a neutral palette or go all out with contrasting colours.


Shape and silhouette play a huge role in how this look comes together, with angles and curves used to maximum effect, and it can be great fun to play around with the balance of these elements in your space.


Graphic and geometric elements are key to capturing this look and can be brought in through the use of art, fabrics and wallpaper. For iconic wallpaper designs, Orla Kiely's prints are a great first port of call, with their clever use of colour and strong 1960s and 70s influence. For something a little more abstract, Mini Moderns’ collections offer a slightly more complex, architectural approach to mid-century design.

Capturing an important part of the mid-century zeitgeist, the optical illusion offered by more intricate prints can be used to great effect as part of a feature wall, adding a new dimension to your space and offsetting the characteristic sparseness of furniture design from this period.

This look is an open book when it comes to the inclusion of textural elements – from plush velvet and printed cotton in jewel tones to butter-soft leather and sheepskin, anything goes as long as the balance is right. For an opulent, more feminine interpretation of the look, pure cotton velvet upholstery combined with marble surfaces, shimmering viscose rugs and gold detailing are a match made in heaven. A more minimal effect can be achieved with natural fibres, basket weaves and aged leather, designed to counterbalance darker wood and metallic accents.


Our Jim Thompson No.9 collections offer mid-century fabrics in a range of shades and designs, capturing the versatility of this look, while Wemyss’ Braemar and Idaho collections provide grounding natural textures.

With such endless possibilities, the mid-century look is one of our favourites to explore. The ability to incorporate family heirlooms, vintage pieces and more modern features make this a style like no other, and there is no right or wrong approach.


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