Style edit: Q&A with @home_with_rose

Our latest collaboration is with the lovely @home_with_rose, who we’ve had the pleasure to work with twice. In 2020 she created a stunning bedroom for her daughter, using the ever-popular Dahlia Garden wallpaper by Borastapeter.

Her latest project is her son's bedroom, and this time she's gone for an under the sea theme using the playful Della by Sandberg.

Rose has been kind enough to share some of her top tips for creating a stylish and joyous children's bedroom.

1. How would you describe your style?

Great question, it’s changed recently with an ongoing renovation and the four children growing up which has shifted the way we use the home. Up until recently I was very much about pretty but practical spaces, a modern twist of a loved period home.

We’re now learning toward more mature colours mixed with timeless accents and statement art work. 

I think the beauty of interiors now means you can easily and not too expensively change your home to suit a growing family.

2. Where do you begin when starting a new interior project?

Think about what do you need from your home both now and in the future. If children are on the cards, you will eventually need more space so don’t get too caught up the 'perfect home' for now. Make rooms fresh and bright with a warm whites for the walls. A special piece of artwork that sparks joy as you pass it will remind you that one day you’ll create your harmonious home.

If a family isn't on the cards just yet, really experiment and inject your style and personality! Wallpaper is a great way to do this (and easy enough to change years down the line!)

3. Where do you look for inspiration?

Interior magazines and Instagram are great ways to spark inspiration, though sometimes they can be overwhelming with so many beautiful homes out there! Trying picking just two to three of your favourite accounts and concentrate on how their style may work for your home. It's the same with magazines, often less really is more!

"A child's bedroom should be a place that allows for creativity and dreams!"

Dahlia Garden by Borastapeter, used in Rose's daughter's pretty bedroom

4. What was your inspiration behind your children's rooms?

I loved styling all three of my children’s rooms, though must admit found the boys room the hardest! 

I find keeping wall colours neutral like soft whites and muted tones means you can easily switch up styles as they grow older much easier. Add a feature wall to inject some colour, but meaning it's easily changeable as they grow and develop their own style.

For girls I recommend keeping it simple but feminine. For my daughter Daisy I used the beautiful Borastapeter Dahlia Garden wallpaper as a feature wall, combining it with shabby chic furniture for a vintage yet mature feel which Daisy can grow into. 

For boys, again I like to keep it quite simple. My son's bedroom has been my most recent project and for them I mixed textures with masculine lines, using panelling with the playful Della wallpaper by Sandberg above. I like how it’s not too mature but still not too young, so will hopefully last a few years!

5. What one tip would you give to parents decorating children's bedrooms?

I believe children's bedrooms should be a reflection of their personality, a place that allows for creativity and dreams! It should be somewhere they truly enjoy spending time in.

It's clear to see Rose is now a fully fledged wallpaper fan, for the way it can instantly transform a room, adding colour and texture with minimal effort. Get started on your next project by browsing our range of designer wallpapers, and don't forget to order 2 free samples.


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