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Lelievre’s Deuxieme Chapitre (or ‘Second Chapter’) wallpaper collection celebrates the work of Jean Cocteau, one of the most celebrated French artists of the 20th century. Cocteau’s considerable works – often referred to as ‘graphic poetry’ - are distinctively illustrative in style and whimsical in nature. Each design featured within the collection has been conceived from original Cocteau works and reimagined for use within the modern home.


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This design is inspired by the 'Jeunesse Franco-Allemande' of 1963, a 36cm diameter place cut in white earth.


An all-over motif that incorporates Jean Cocteau’s most famous original work “Ecriture, dessin, peinture, langage” from 1959, bringing together all the facets of his talent.


This design takes a striking herbaceous perennial and creates a bold repeat of blooming clusters.


A light and refined all-over motif, inspired by the original work “Tous les visages qu’il aime se ressemblent” from Cocteau’s 1935 novel “Les enfants terribles."


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