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We’re proud to work with some fantastic independent designers and were thrilled to get the chance to catch up with fabulous mother-daughter duo, Missprint. Founded in 2005 by Yvonne and Rebecca Drury, MissPrint is a British-based family design studio specialising in contemporary wallcoverings and fabrics.


Their designs, which are often inspired by nature, originate from hand-drawn illustrations, and their non-uniform style has become a much-loved signature. We caught up with co-founder Yvonne to find out more about the brand and the inspiration behind its collections.


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How would you describe the spirit of MissPrint to someone new to the brand?

MissPrint is a family run design company founded by myself and my daughter Rebecca. We’re both textile designers who love pattern and we create wallpapers and fabrics that are inspired by nature and mid-century style.

Can you describe the creative process for developing new fabric and wallpaper prints?

Every design starts life as a page in a sketchbook, then the initial drawings and sketches are developed and crafted into a repeating pattern. Each and every design is drawn by hand to make sure it retains a distinctive look and feel, that is unique to us.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

We've been inspired by everything from buildings to the typeface of an old letter! Mid-Century design is also a big inspiration for us; the textiles of the 1950’s and Lucienne Day are our favourites. Mostly though, our inspiration comes from nature and its never-ending supply of plants and flowers.


Your wallpapers and fabrics are designed and produced in the UK. Why is keeping your brand British so important to you?

As all our designs are created in the UK, it’s nice to keep manufacturing in the UK too. Not only does this give us control over the manufacturing process but it also means we can do our bit to support local communities and the wider British industry.


It’s been more than ten years since you launched your first ever wallpaper collection. What are the biggest lessons you’ve learnt as an independent brand since then?

We can't believe we've been creating wallpapers for over ten years now! It's really nice to look back and see how much we've grown. I suppose what we've learnt as an independent brand is the importance of preserving your own individual identity and producing work that you truly believe in.

It’s such a privilege to catch up with the passionate and unique designers that add life and colour to our range, especially when they are as creative and dedicated as Yvonne.


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