Interior insider: Styling small spaces

Small, compact or awkwardly shaped spaces in your home can present a challenge when it comes to perfect styling, but our expert team are well-versed in making the most of any sized space. While smaller rooms often feel cosy and comforting, balancing the light and space is important when creating a relaxing environment. Discover our five key pieces of advice for enhancing the space available, giving a bright and airy feel to even the most cramped of rooms.




1. Pare back furniture and accessories

Make sure that every piece of furniture or homeware has a reason for being in the space and is working as hard as it can for you. If redecorating, consider what value each item is adding to the room and give everything a purpose, whether practical or aesthetic. For example, choosing a petite side table instead of a coffee table will save space, but is still a useful surface for placing books, drinks and perhaps a lamp.


2. Make the most of natural light

Rather than choosing thick or flowing curtains, which may take up valuable floor space and block out light, opt for a sleek roman blind that stays neatly within the confines of your window. Our made to measure service allows for maximum flexibility within our range of fabrics, meaning you won’t have to compromise on design or finish. Alternatively, period or feature windows can be left bare to allow the light in the room to follow the time and mood of the day.


3. Use the power of reflection

Serving the dual purpose of focal point and light enhancer, the right mirror can have a transformative effect on any space. Choose a piece that is proportional to the size of your room or opt for something oversized to make a dramatic statement and maximise brightness. Experiment with shape and size or consider grouping decorative wall mirrors together to illuminate dark corners.



4. Use multiple light sources

If your room doesn’t get much natural light - or if it’s somewhere you plan on spending your evenings – investing in multiple lighting options can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the space. Choose slightly brighter bulbs, pair with clear glass or pale shades that allow light to permeate and consider supporting a main central light with wall lighting and a lamp or two to create the illusion of space.


5. Use colour to enhance your space

The temptation with compact spaces can be to keep everything white, but this often results in a space that feels sterile or lacking in character. While white or pale grey is your ally when styling smaller rooms, don’t be afraid to use colour or pattern to add a personal touch to the space, whether it’s a piece of statement upholstery in a bold print, some vibrant wall art or a feature wall in one of our bold wallpapers.


Small spaces don’t have to be dark or gloomy – with the right approach to decorating, every room in your home can fulfil its potential, regardless of size.


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