Sophie Robinson's House Tour

Harlequin has collaborated with the 'Queen of Colour' Sophie Robinson in a vibrant fabric and wallpaper collection inspired by Sophie's woodland garden in her English countryside home. Famed for her love of bright, bold tones, Sophie’s work is daringly vivid, and yet somehow still perfectly balanced, a skill not easy to replicate.

Sophie gets a lot of inspiration from artists and how abstract painters put palettes together, and that is easy to see as every room is boldly colourful yet perfectly put together. Join us on a tour of Sophie’s gorgeous home and to hear some of her top colour and styling tips.

“The collection empowers homeowners to decorate more boldly and personally, creating a unique look with the confidence of knowing that each design mixes and matches beautifully”

Sophie Robinson
Sophie’s kitchen diner

A wonderfully uplifting space and Sophie’s personal favourite, her kitchen diner brings a sunny, warm feeling. Previously a small and dark space, Sophie recently switched it over with her spacious living space so now the kitchen is open plan with views across the garden and the woodland beyond.

She has added a pop of colour and pattern with her citrine yellow Paper Straw Stripe curtains and illustrative wallpaper of peony, primrose and laburnum with Woodland Floral wallpaper.

Speaking of the space, Sophie says “I am obsessed with stripes and when you like mixing floral patterns, like I do, a stripe can really cut through the chaos… Putting it on the diagonal, as we have in Paper Straw Stripe, has created something that feels more directional, more exciting.”

Sophie’s master bedroom

Eclectic, bold and maximalist with a modern, contemporary feel is the best way to describe Sophie’s master bedroom. The combination of patterns such as Wonderland Floral (Sophie’s personal favourite!), Sherbet Stripe and geometrical Meander packs a punch but is wonderfully balanced with the use of jewel tones running through each design.

“More patterns create more energy and the eye dances across the different movements in patterns. I personally love layering pattern on pattern so had no issue opting for a patterned headboard set against this patterned wallpaper”.

Sophie Robinson
Sophie’s guest room

With layers of nostalgic charm, Sophie’s guest bedroom oozes tranquillity and timeless appeal. The dainty small-scale Daisy Trellis wallpaper is perfectly balanced with other fabrics such as Dappled Leaf, Paper Straw Stripe and Basket Weave.

The classic blue and white used in this scheme is bought to life with pops of saffron yellow on the statement headboard, cushion and paintings on the wall.

Sophie’s conservatory

Bright, airy and beautiful, Sophie’s conservatory is the place for relaxing during those long summer evenings. The bright colours and floral patterns provide the perfect harmony between her outside space and indoors.

Playful and joyful in equal measure, the layering of different patterns and textures adds charm and gives an eclectic feel. We especially love the ceiling drapes in Wildflower Meadow, adding shade from sunlight but also an interesting way of layering even more pattern to the scheme.

“In my conservatory I wanted to create a lively and energetic feel with plenty of patterns jostling next to one another but I decided to do the sofa in a plain fabric to showcase the patterned scatter cushions; I still had it piped in a floral pattern though which is a cute little detail!”

Sophie Robinson

We asked Sophie for her top tips on injecting colour and pattern to your home. Here’s what she said:

  1. You really must lean into the feeling colour gives you. Start by not getting sucked in by trends or other peoples opinions. It’s so important that we create home environments that lift us up and make us feel good and getting in touch with your personal colour palette is the best place to start.
  2. Find your favourite colour and use it all over your home.  My favourite colour is a deep rich cobalt blue. It’s the colour I chose for my hallway and landing as it’s the first thing that I see when I walk through the door, giving me such a boost. It also helps link all the other rooms together as there is always a bit of this colour in all my room schemes.
  3. As a general rule, more patterns create more energy so I personally love to see layering of pattern on pattern, so happily opt for a pattern headboard set against a patterned wallpaper.


It is clear to see how much Sophie loves colour and really leans into the effect colour can bring in the home. Speaking to her on this, she said “If you feel a rush of happiness or excitement when you look at a colour or pattern, then go for it. It’s so important that we create home environments that lift us up and make us feel good and getting in touch with your personal colour palette is the best place to start”.


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