Interior insider: How to style blush pink for a timeless effect

Since the unstoppable tide of blush that followed Pantone naming Rose Quartz its joint colour of the year, pink has become a key colour in interior design, although the shade is gradually evolving and maturing. More recent iterations have ditched any elements of sugariness, with pink-toned nudes and pale mineral blush acting as an alternative to grey or beige, as well as richer shades of dusky rose and warm terracotta pink adding depth.


Perhaps the reason for blush pink’s popularity lies in its versatility – its ability to soften and lend femininity to the industrial and to make brighter colours pop. It’s surprisingly easy to incorporate blush pink into your home design while creating a unique, personal and timeless look. We hope the following guide will inspire you to try it for yourself.


Exercise moderation. Very pale and soft blush tones can be used to cover four walls, or as a dominant colour in your scheme without being too saccharine. Using a light, near-neutral pink will minimise tricky colour matching, and won’t present an obstacle to any future changes you might want to make when redecorating.


Blush pink provides a counterbalance to darker or richer tones, like charcoal greys and chocolate browns, which is especially effective when the colours are used in a geometric pattern.



Try adding a contrasting darker detail to a blush pink feature, such as piping a cushion with a darker fabric, or painting the legs of your furniture.


There’s no need to shy away from blush just because you’re designing a more masculine scheme. In a similar way to white, blush pink helps to ground darker tones, taking away the edge and softening the overall look of a room. The colour works beautifully with deep navy blues, dark greys and black, especially when using a more masculine print such as terrazzo or art-deco motifs. Accessorise with heavy metallic objects and you’ll end up with a strong designer look.



Naturally, the option to embrace the inherent softness of blush pink is also available if you’re crafting a more feminine scheme. For this look, try a floral feature wall and pair with soft, flowing textiles.


Of course, colour palette isn’t the only thing to consider when designing your interior – layouts, silhouettes and textures all play a part too. Often these factors are influenced by trends and cultures from around the globe and allowing Scandinavian or Japanese design to shape and inform your use of pink can be a great way to keep things fresh. Choose wallpapers that incorporate cherry blossom, like GP & J Baker’s Emperors Garden, or choose a simple graphic print such as Diamonds by Engblad & Co.


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