In focus: The Seville wallpaper collection by Cole & Son

Exploring Spain’s cultural heritage with Cole & Son’s Seville collection

Seville’s fusion of each facet of this unique city is so perfectly pitched that you can practically hear the strumming of guitars and the click of flamenco dancers’ heels, smell the orange groves and feel the sun on your skin. After an inspirational trip to Seville, the Cole & Son design team were able to distil its plethora of cultural fusions into a collection that captures the spirit of the city.


The lead motif for the collection is inspired by the iconic symbol of Seville: oranges. Available in four colourways, the Orange Blossom design features a repeating pattern of exquisitely detailed, almost tapestry-like illustrations. It comes to life when paired with lots of natural light and living foliage, as do the collection’s other flora-inspired papers, from the delicate, painterly details of Angel’s Trumpet to the draping vibrancy of Bougainvillea.

Imagery courtesy of Cole & Son Wallpapers Ltd.


Further floral designs incorporate local fauna in the form of ethereal birds, as seen in the Jasmine & Serin Symphony design.


Another standout feature of the Seville collection is how beautifully it depicts the city’s manmade delights, as well as its natural ones. Architectural prints capture the majesty of the Real Alcazar and the understated romance of the Plaza Alfaro, said to have inspired the balcony scene in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Imagery courtesy of Cole & Son Wallpapers Ltd.


Still home to a bustling artisan quarter, where workshops and potteries are in abundance, the Triana neighbourhood’s tiles fill the city with a vibrant marriage of geometric and floral patterns. These also have their home in the collection, from the striking Piccadilly design to the simpler geometric Alicatado.


Throughout the collection you will notice influences from Seville’s other famous export: flamenco. Entwined within a floral design, the Lola pattern hides an almost secret flamenco dancer, while the Flamenco Fan paper is inspired by her famous accessory.

Imagery courtesy of Cole & Son Wallpapers Ltd.


A most inventive way to incorporate the life and movement of southern Spain into your interior, the Seville collection provides true escapism.


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