In focus: The history & heritage of Sanderson

As Sanderson celebrates 160 years of heritage, it’s the perfect time to look back at its history, and how its grown into the brand we know and love today.


Founded in 1860 by Arthur Sanderson, who imported French wallpapers full of life and colour, the brand grew astonishingly quickly, with its own wallpaper factory opening in 1867. Three years later, though, Arthur passed away, leaving his sons to continue his short but noteworthy legacy.



Shortly after the opening of the new factory, described in the press as "the finest wallpaper mill in the world…a magnificent factory flanked by gardens and playing fields…a glimpse of a new ideal in industry”, Sanderson began to build a reputation for fabric design, too. The now-iconic florals, which reflected Arthur Sanderson’s love of nature in design, are recognised around the world.


The Sanderson brand’s 100th birthday in 1960 was marked with style, with the opening of a showroom on Berners street and an exhibition showing a history of Sanderson’s works. The same year, it launched its first co-ordinating wallpaper and fabric collection.



After the closure of the Berners Street showroom and offices in 1992, the premises were transformed into a luxury hotel, aptly named The Sanderson. Today, Sanderson continues to launch new collections, and is a firm favourite for floral and botanical prints. Its recent Caspian collection and Glasshouse collection demonstrate how devotedly true to its roots the Sanderson brand remains, but also its skilful ability to tailor that heritage to suit the modern interiors market.



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