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Jane Austen and her wonderful novels are part of our cultural heritage, and a source of inspiration for everything from literature and poetry to fashion and design. The Mansfield Park collection from Osborne & Little captures the unique romanticism of Austen’s world, with each fabric and wallpaper design named after a house, place or character from one of her novels.


The title fabric, Mansfield, is a beautiful, smooth viscose velvet with an intricate digital print inspired by chinoiserie vases and tiled borders, perfect for upholstery and cushions. Contrastingly, Rosings features exquisite, freestyle embroidery on linen; its traditional lace-like floral pattern given a modern twist with jewel-bright accents. Bringing a real decadence to the collection, Fullerton represents a completely different sort of floral – packed with photorealistic chrysanthemums, peonies, anemones, tiger tulips and violets, it’s printed on a dark velvet background for a twist of gothic charm. We love it used as a headboard or bedspread.



Supporting these more intricate prints are two gorgeous botanicals: Sotherton, with its fern fronds composed in a tessellating leaf-shaped motif, and Donwell, an embossed velvet jacquard featuring laurel leaves on a raffia effect backdrop for real understated beauty.


Featured in the wallpaper collection are two stunning, three-panel mural designs; Sylvania is a detailed woodland scene with a thriving forest floor, while Palm House depicts the interior of a regency style tropical house or orangerie.



Capturing all the period elegance of the gardens of a stately home, Follies would make a joyful feature wall, or all-over paper for a dressing room or guest bathroom, while Cranes has an eastern accent, the graceful chinoiserie birds forming and beautiful repeating pattern.


Perfect for anyone looking to add romance and sophistication to their interior, this collection has an inherent elegance that comes from its regency inspiration. Fans of Austen’s work will find joy in the little allusions to her creations, while others may simply appreciate the skill and artistry that has gone into each design.


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