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Having grown in popularity over the last few years, botanical designs are increasingly dominant in the interior landscape. Folium by Osborne & Little shows the breadth and depth of this seemingly timeless look, showing a plethora of different takes on nature-inspired décor and including both large and small-scale designs for maximum versatility. From elegant branch motifs and vibrant leaves to the sublime whimsy of a menagerie mural, this collection has it all.


Central to this collection is the dramatic, large-scale leaf print, Green Wall, which is available in two colourways. Designed to emulate a living wall, it features deep green leaves, contrasted with either dark red or pale green accents, and is perfect for larger rooms or those with plenty of natural light. For a similar but slightly subtler effect, Tiger Leaf is less complex, with a gentler colour palette, while Feuille Dor provides a feminine touch with soft metallic leaves on a variety of different grounds.


Acting as a balancing element for these intricate leaf designs, Folium also includes two designs inspired by tiles. Both Hamman and Faenza Tile feature square tiles with a realistic, textured finish, the former a vintage tile that appears shattered, and the latter with an iridescent, glass effect, reminiscent of Turkish bath houses.



Without doubt, Folium’s crowning glory is its three stunning three-panel mural designs. The first, Trailing Orchid, features a design that drapes from the ceiling, with flowing orchid flowers, available in two fabulous colourways. Also available in two colours is the iconic Magnolia Frieze mural, with an exquisite floral design featuring delicate bamboo stripes, which has been digitally printed to give a chalk and blackboard effect. The illustrated part of the frieze sits at mid-height, meaning that it’s visible above a sofa or chair – perfect for a lounge or dining room.


The final mural, Animal Glade, is a whimsical piece, with wild animals in vibrant colours on a striking monochrome background of tall trees and cloudy skies.



It’s for good reason that this collection features some of our bestselling designs; the variety and versatility of the prints, and the balance of complexity and simplicity are second to none.


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