In focus: GP & J Baker - the history and heritage

Founded in 1884 by brothers George Percival and James Baker, GP & J Baker has a heritage in fabric and wallpaper design that few brands can boast. The brand’s roots lie in Persian and Turkish carpets, which the duo would import, then sell on to customers in Paris and the United States. Together, they used their discerning eye to choose rare and iconic designs to trade in, whilst simultaneously building one of the largest and most impressive fabric archives in the world. They gradually began to develop their own textiles, with most designs inspired by George Percival’s love of oriental art. 


After 10 years in the business, GP & J Baker had attracted some of the most talented and prominent Arts and Crafts designers of the time. The brothers had also established an in-house studio where their team worked on developing designs from their extensive archives, which were in turn being constantly enriched with new additions. Some of these archival designs are still in production now, as the design team work to skilfully adapt the designs which each re-issue.



There’s no doubt that GP & J Baker has an exceptional reputation as well as an extensive list of accolades, including the acquisition of The Royal Warrant in 1982, following its fabrics and wallcoverings being used in royal residences throughout the United Kingdom. It’s therefore little wonder that GP & J Baker are one of our most well-loved brands. As the brand continues to develop new designs, we are sure that its boundless creativity and rich heritage will continue to inspire and delight us for a long time to come.  


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