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The concept of minimalism is something that holds many people in its thrall - as the world gets more complex, we seek to pare back our lifestyles and seek the uncomplicated.


When it comes to interiors, minimalism can refer to two different aspects of design – space and colour. However, if the idea of a white room with sparse furnishings doesn’t appeal to you, don’t fear; there are ways to create a minimal look without surrendering all personality.

The first question to ask when adopting a minimalist approach is, ‘What’s important to me?’ Choosing only essential furniture and meaningful accessories is a great place to start, while seeking out simple but beautiful fabrics and wall coverings can help to form the basis of your look. When limited in terms of colour and physical objects, materials can be a wonderful way to add interest and personality to your space.

'Minimalism is not the act of stripping a space of its character, but instead highlighting those aspects of its character which resonate the most.'

Jane Clayton Style Team
Minimalist room styling ideas

A minimalist aesthetic can seem difficult to achieve, but with the right storage, textures and motifs, it’s not impossible to create the uncluttered look you’re seeking. You can start small, by stripping out any overwhelming or unnecessary features to leave little pockets of space throughout your home, or be bold and take everything away, adding back in only what you deem to be worthy. 

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Discover wallpapers and fabrics in plain, pared back and monochrome designs, the perfect backdrop to a minimal interior.
Poeme d amour Wallpaper by Borastapeter 64
Poeme d amour
Per roll
Biarritz Fabric by Camengo Galet
Per metre
Knut Wallpaper by Sandberg 21
Per roll
Pil Wallpaper by Sandberg 1
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Linen Wallpaper by BorasTapeter Linen Sand
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Karolina Wallpaper by Sandberg Green
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Lisabet Wallpaper by Sandberg Garden Green
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Alfred Wallpaper by Sandberg Misty Blue
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Artist Canvas Fabric by de le cuona Sky
Artist Canvas
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Cosmos Fabric by de le cuona Comet
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Angus Stripe Fabric by Ian Mankin Flax
Angus Stripe
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Linen Shade Fabric by de le cuona Cloud
Linen Shade
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Naturally Organic Fabric by de le cuona Cashew
Naturally Organic
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Snowflake Fabric by de le cuona Powder
Per metre
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