How to style Disney Home X Sanderson

Sanderson’s collaboration with Disney began back in 1928, the same year that Mickey Mouse featured in Steamboat Willie, where he captured hearts and minds to become the household name he is today.

Disney represents joy, happiness and time spent with our families, and these newly reworked designs really showcase that, working harmoniously across all areas of the home. Each magical Disney Home fabric and wallpaper has a twist of classic Sanderson design within its visual narrative.

“This collection presents a piece of history, relaunching iconic 1930’s Disney Home x Sanderson designs, alongside the addition of newly created fabrics and wallpapers, each featuring original Disney characters.”

Rebecca Craig, Lead Designer, Sanderson
Mickey Mouse

A true Disney icon, instantly recognisable all across the globe, Mickey Mouse is at the forefront of this collection. Choose from Mickey & Minnie, Mickey at the Farm, Mickey in the Clouds and Mickey Stripe.

His playfulness has the ability to add softness to a scheme, working really nicely in bedrooms, kitchens and dining rooms. With pastel notes, each colour story reflects a bygone era while still bringing the designs into the modern day with a vintage twist. Whether you opt for a fabric or wallpaper design, he will bring a touch of nostalgia and Disney charm to any room.

Pair with complementary striped designs such as Melford by Sanderson, a collection which works well alongside the whole Disney Home collection.


This whimsical design is translated across fabric and wallpaper and sees a host of woodland friends joined by Bambi in this charming springtime scene.

The perfect combination of pretty hand painted florals and botanicals with soft, muted colourways brings a more feminine edge to the collection. Its small-scale design means it pairs well with other patterns such as Truffle and Pinetum Stripe shown here, allowing you to create a well-layered look.

If you're looking for the perfect paint shade to match the designs, opt for French Rose or Blue Clay, picking out the soft pink and duck egg blue from the design.

It is one of the more subtle designs of the collection, working nicely in living rooms and bedrooms for both children and adults.

“Our archive is a treasure trove of inspiration and it is our privilege to share this wonderful piece of nostalgia with the world.”

Rebecca Craig, Lead Designer, Sanderson
Winnie the Pooh

 A childhood favourite for many, Winnie the Pooh's spirit is captured beautifully in two fabric and wallpaper designs, Winnie the Pooh and Hundred Acre Wood. Hand painted in watercolour from Disney’s original style guides, these designs are delicately coloured and emotive.

Pair with bright paint shades such as Sanderson's Midnight Blue and Botanical Green or a striped fabric like Pinetum Stripe and you’ll have a wonderfully cohesive scheme. 

Whether you are looking to create a statement Disney room featuring your favourite character or thinking of something more subtle that will layer well with your existing scheme, this collection is versatile and can work in both ways. The vintage colour palette is designed to be warm and welcoming, reminiscent of bygone days and sweetly coloured in dessert-inspired hues like peanut butter and rhubarb & custard. Find the design you love and the character that resonates the most with you.

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