Five ways to decorate with blue and white

Blue is one of the most versatile colours used in interiors, pairing well with a variety of other colours and tones, but none is more classic than the combination of blue and white. The appeal of decorating with blue and white is that it will instantly add freshness to your scheme, bringing a classic and clean feel, perfect for all areas of the home.

Here are our top five ways to decorate with this elegant colour combination, from traditional to more contemporary depending on your desired look.

1. Use blue and white florals to create a quintessentially British living room

Blue and white florals work particularly well in living rooms, bringing a truly English feel and a touch of feminine pattern. Mix and match shades of blue paired with crisp whites, such as Etchings and Roses fabric by Sanderson or the iconic Willow Boughs by Morris & Co.

Layer your scheme with texture such as decorative china vases, oak coffee tables and jute rugs, avoiding introducing more colour to keep the room clean and fresh.

2. For a calm and serene kids room

Blue and white make for a delightful combination when it comes to decorating kid's rooms too. The refreshing and calming qualities of blue create a soothing ambiance, while the purity and simplicity of white add a touch of brightness and innocence.

Whether it's through blue wallpaper with white accents such as Whales wallpaper by Borastapeter, or blue and white striped fabric such as Portland by Clarke & Clarke, this colour scheme offers a timeless and versatile aesthetic for any child's room.

3. Coastal living

For many, using blue and white in interior design instantly evokes a coastal feel, reminiscent of the calming ocean waves and crisp white sandy beaches. Incorporating elements like nautical fabrics and wallpapers, seashells, and rope further enhances the nautical theme, while deeper blues and tile-effect wallpaper will give the space more of a Mediterranean feel. This colour scheme will effortless brings the charm of being near the ocean to any interior.

4. Create a more contemporary look with paint

For a luxurious, more contemporary alternative, opt for a rich blue paint such as Como Blue by Zoffany or Emery Blue by Morris & Co. Paired with crisp white gloss on woodwork and blue and white accessories in the form of cushions, vases and rugs, the result sees a more modern take on this colour combination.

The undertones within the blue will impact the overall feel of the room, for example a dark navy with grey undertones will give a more chic effect, yet a warm blue with green undertones will result in a more serene atmosphere. Start by ordering a colour card or sample pot when decorating with paint.

5. Use blue and white as a base for layering accent colours

If you like the idea of blue and white but are looking to liven up the look and add some playfulness, add pops of colour in the form of soft furnishings and decorative accessories. Rich, vibrant tones such as ochre and bright pink work particularly well, or opt for metallic golds and silvers for a more contemporary edge.

With so many ways to use this classic colour combination in your home, we hope we’ve given you some inspiration on where to start. Tag us on social media using @jclaytonandco and #janeclaytonhomes, we’d love to see your unique creations.


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