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Along with colour and shape, texture is one of the most important elements in your interior. Rooms that only use a single texture can sometimes feel a little flat, while spaces that use a variety of materials that complement one another have a real sense of depth. Whilst manmade textures are great for creating a refined look, natural, organic materials which celebrate skill and craftmanship will help you to create an interior that’s cosy, cool and full of interest.


The key to capturing this look in your home is to let go of any sense of perfection – artisanal creations will always have unique flaws and nuances in their finish that make your look completely personal to you. Woven fabrics with tribal patterns and a raw finish, like the pieces in Villa Nova’s Huari collection or Camengo’s East Village designs, are an excellent place to start. Mixing different shades, motifs and weaves will add authenticity and interest to the look, and choosing natural materials like wool, silk, linen and cotton will ensure an organic effect.

When it comes to textured wallcoverings, the papers in Romo's Etsu Wallpaper collection throw up innumerable possibilities.

'Try not to overthink this look, it’s about going with your instincts and layering textures in a way that feels natural and free-flowing.'

Jane Clayton Style Team

Taking inspiration from arts and crafts and incorporating handmade textures throughout your home will bring life and movement to your space. Don’t forget to include accessories, too – hand-crafted pottery, macramé hangings and mouthblown glass vases can really add something special to this look.

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Pure Orkney Weave Fabric by Morris & Co Lightish Grey
Pure Orkney Weave
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Atlas Wall Wallpaper by Zimmer + Rohde 884
Atlas Wall
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Tiles Wallpaper by Zimmer + Rohde 684
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Flirt Wallpaper by Zimmer + Rohde 885
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Sphere Wall Wallpaper by Zimmer + Rohde 996
Sphere Wall
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Thornham Fabric by GP & J Baker Warm Grey
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Rabanna Fabric by Fermoie 24
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Kabalya Fabric by Mark Alexander Storm
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Bantu Fabric by Mark Alexander Indigo
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Stipple Fabric by Mark Alexander Atlantic
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Opaline Wallpaper by Nobilis 62
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Nira Wallpaper by Thibaut White
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Asante Fabric by Villa Nova Chalk
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Kamba Fabric by Villa Nova Pepper
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