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The crossover between the worlds of art and interiors are undeniable – each influences the other, and the results are often magical. When it comes to fabric and wallpaper, the line between art and design is particularly blurred, with many of brands exploring the use of hand-drawn illustrations and artistic techniques to create wonderfully unique motifs. When formulating these designs, everything is carefully considered – from the weight and finish of the fabric or paper to the individual brush and pencil strokes. While these motifs are often reproduced to create a repeating pattern, some wallcoverings take the form of a single, breath-taking panel – perfect for a dramatic feature wall.


Painterly or watercolour effects are a beautiful way to introduce art-inspired style to your home, with Black Edition x Jessica Zoob’s Desire collection leading the way by blending the abstract qualities of Gerhard Richter, and the poetic beauty of Monet’s later works. Richter’s renowned use of colours and techniques to create movement and depth of field are emulated beautifully in designs such as It’s Complicated and Dreaming.



Landscape panels are also prevalent in the rich history of oriental art, with Ming dynasty artist Shen Zhou using fine strokes of ink to create elaborate masterpieces. An homage to this style can be seen in Elitis’ Are you Passionate wallcovering, which is made from light shunting silk with a diluted ink blossom watercolour design.



'The line between fine artists and fabric or wallpaper designers is growing increasingly blurred. Your home can become a canvas for works of art.'

Jane Clayton Style Team

Capturing the authenticity and raw energy of fine art in reproduceable designs is a challenge, but one that many designers are rising to with increasing frequency. Using superior materials and painstaking detail, designers are creating fabrics, wallcoverings and panels that evoke all the emotion and admiration of original art.

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