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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

For a chic, Wintery interior you can’t go wrong with a whiteout. We've brought together a collection of the best, most festive whites (with a hint of sparkle!) to add a blustery freshness to your fireside.

Christmas is a time to get back to nature so even if you can’t capture the scent of a real spruce tree, a lovely leafy design could do the trick. Hessian textures and rough, crumpling linens will add a rustic touch to your décor. It’s not just evergreens that work well as decorations – experiment with dried twigs painted in neutral shades for homemade wreaths and centrepieces.

Add a twist on the iconic signs of Christmas with these subtle designs, resembling snowflakes, candy canes and winter frost.

If you’ve pored over our recent Asian inspiration on the blog then don’t let the holiday season postpone your new trend. Adding jewel tones and especially sparks of gold among the neutral tones will carry this look well into the New Year. Think glittering lights, luxurious faux furs and a trunk full of golden trinkets.

Antiqued, mirrored finishes always work well to create that softened, log-fire glow that’s so important in capturing the Christmas mood. In this season we find grey and bronze take on a more mellow and reflective quality without becoming too dark if used sparingly alongside fresh whites.

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