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Wake Up To White

Wake Up To White

With wintry skies starting the New Year, it’s no surprise that the colour of the moment is white. Before you run in the opposite direction because you couldn’t think of anything more impractical, let us show you how to make white work for you. We’ll kick start your inspiration with a contemporary take.

It's not only bright colours that can create a bold statement in your home. For an ultra fresh, on trend look try white on white with accents of black and natural wood, this will help soften your space without losing the overall effect. To prevent your room looking cold or plain, focus on textures, such as appliques and embroideries. Casamance fabrics will be your go-to.

White walls may seem daunting, particularly in large spaces but they can work perfectly framing sections of bare stone wall or period features. Alternatively, use a simple patterned paper to create an airy space with interest such as Sandberg's Kungsholm geometric design. Elitis create some great papers for achieving this look; focusing on light and airy designs yet with plenty of pattern. We've picked Brick Lane and Vulcano from their range. With busy walls, stick with plain curtain fabrics such as a linen from Volga; the shabby chic style lends itself to white so forget ironing and indulge in crumpled linen.

For a more traditional take, use an off white, we've chosen Cote Lin from Casamance as the 'go-to' collection. Leave the winter blues behind by warming up the tones, try the sumptuous Norris and Barrett fabrics from Hodsoll McKenzie. If you're layering different whites, check with samples first to make sure they’ll work well together, and dress your window up with trimmed edges on curtains. Juliet Travers, Free Fall is also a personal favourite for an injection of pattern, white needn't be plain after all!

If you’re simply not wild about white then take a different spin on the pale trend. Green and grey are big this season so tone down and introduce these cool shades. Teaming white with these grown up pastels creates a clean, fresh look.

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