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Revival of the 70s

Revival of the 70s

The Seventies. Sometimes referred to as ‘the decade that taste forgot’, yet we owe a lot of timeless style to this era which always sneaks its way back into fashion one way or another. 2016 is already looking to be a big year for the 70’s comeback, and it’s attractiveness to the fashion industry has quickly translated to interior design.

The challenging social and political environment of the 70s brought about a huge reaction against sleek mid-century modernisms restrictive visual vocabulary, and raw and expressive designs emerged which defied the traditional notions of ‘good taste’. Imposing Geometrics, Back-to-Nature Flower Power, Mixed Textures and Psychedelic patterns came out in full force, as a growing acceptance for self-expression and individuality emerged in interior design.

Out of all the colours synonymous with the 70s, Avocado Green, Xanthic Yellow and Chocolate Brown - Orange in particular has made a real impact in the design world recently, with Burnt Orange and Rusty Red tones appearing in a lot of new designer collections.

Wallpaper became hugely popular in the 70s as people rebelled against conformist bare walls. There appeared to be a wallpaper design to suit everyone’s taste, and a few of our brands have put a contemporary stamp on these popular designs in their new collections, achieving a modern 70s vibe.

Using bold designs and colours can seem risqué, so this post is all about how to nail the return of the 70s trend using these new designs, but still ensuring your interiors remain timeless and, most importantly, stylish.

The key to a successful bold colour scheme is fearlessness, and these stunning new designs should give you confidence to go big and bright. Why not reupholster a chair or add an accent cushion in Osborne & Little's Art Deco style Chrysler fabric from their brand new Fantasque collection (image 3). Osborne & Little's Coltrane fabric from their Ragtime collection will also inject some 70s into your design scheme (image 1).

Zoffany’s Kanoko fabric from the Edo collection combines trendy burnt orange with a Geometric pattern, nailing two 70s trends in one (image 2). Casamance Dandy Catwalk wallpaper would make a great feature wall (image 4), and the rusty red cubic pattern of the Arte Heliodor Cube wallpaper gives off a textured trompe l’oeil effect (image 5).

Patterns provide necessary punctuation in a room, and were so pivotal in defining the 70s. The Jacarau wallpaper from the new Casamance Jerico collection is delicate and the soft overlapping diamond design could be a gentle option to ease yourself into the 70s look. Casamance's Safflower fabric from the Camara collection is a quirky pattern, and with the beautiful copper orange colour it feels very retro (image 4).

The unique pattern of the textured vinyl Parure wallpaper from Casamance’s Caractere collection looks almost like drops of rain, however the uniform, blurred line design of the Archibald wallpaper from the Craft collection remains open to interpretation (image 5). The Petra collection Abside wallpaper by Casamance will make you think you’re looking at a psychedelic 70s kaleidoscope (image 2).

Geometrics are a classic example of 70s style. Usually a combination of clashing block colours and repetitive shapes, but done right, they can give your design scheme a real impact. Osborne & Little’s Ellington fabric has a dissected oval pattern with a contrasting orange and neutral colour which is inherently retro, and would easily make any interior feel instantly more 70s (image 3). Play with the textures of your room and incorporate the silk Fantasque collection Bakst fabric with its geometric brushstroke effect lines (image 4).

In the spirit of the 70s, why not put a parquet floor pattern on your walls?! Osborne & Little have done just that with their earthy brown Parquet design (image 1). GP & J Bakers David Hicks’ La Fiorentina is a striking pattern with metallic inks and a large scale geometric motif (image 2).

Last but not least, who can discuss the 70s without mentioning corduroys! One of our new exciting brands, Dugdale Bros, has a fantastic selection of Corduroy fabrics in some quintessentially 70s colours.

Now, lean back in your retro armchair, sink your feet into your folkati shag pile rug, and listen to the befitting sounds of Jimi Hendrix in your beautiful new retro interior. Welcome back 70s!

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