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Sage & Lavender

Sage & Lavender

We all loved the pastel trend. It carried us from Spring through to Summer and now we’re thrilled to show you how it can be adapted for the cold seasons ahead. Focusing on a sage and lavender colour palette, this wholesome look is straight out of the garden and served up into your home.

If you’ve felt inspired by the range of rich jewel tones we saw at the shows this year, then this will prove an easy way to introduce a slightly softened sparkle. This vintage style off-white fabric from Lewis & Wood uses a mauve pattern to create an air of distinguished heritage. Whereas darker purples and aubergines might suggest a serious or formal note, these cooled shades lend a lighter edge.

Green is traditionally a calming colour, and when used with complimentary lavender it can help to make small rooms feel cosy and welcoming. Contrast a sage green on walls with embroidered colour on draped curtains for a fresh feeling with minimal effort required.

Take inspiration from nature with floral embellishments, but pattern should be used in moderation as the colours will speak for themselves. If you fancy a spot of brightness to pique interest, treat a cushion or lampshade to a makeover and add a spark of lush, leafy green or intense purple.

Posted by: Susie Cochrane Tagged as: Industry Insider