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Q&A with de Le Cuona

Q&A with de Le Cuona

One of our exciting new brands, de Le Cuona, have recently brought out a new fabric collection called Savage Couture. Founded in 1992, de Le Cuona have grown exponentially ever since, no doubt due to their celebrated use of linen. Savage Couture is a daring new collection for the brand, with much bolder designs, and vibrant pomegranate and sapphire colours with complex textures. Linens have been mixed with silks and twinned with wools, and the resulting heavy, elegant drape of the fabrics gives de Le Cuona a unique cachet.
To formally welcome de Le Cuona to our list of brands, and celebrate their stunning new collection, we decided to ask the mastermind behind the brand, Bernie de Le Cuona, a few questions about the collection and her upcoming plans.

Looking back at your past collections and designs, Longleat House was a source of inspiration for you, along with a Sargent painting you viewed in the Tate Modern which inspired your Paisley design. Did you have an end setting in mind or have a source of inspiration when you designed the new Savage Couture collection?

Inspiration for this collection came from my travels around Europe. I visited places with great couturier like Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld who inspired me to create very luxurious fabrics such as Persia, Siam, Cleopatra and Treasure. But to me as a designer is all about contrasting refined with raw textures. I added some gutsy artisan linen into the collection to work with the finer couture fabrics. That’s why the imagery which captures the Savage Couture collection in our brochures, press and editorial, was styled with a nod to French style.

What are your personal collection highlights?

Cleopatra is a highlight due to the combination of silk and linen. The weight, which is achieved by this combination, gives this fabric such luxurious drape and handle. It is discreetly glamorous and falls like a beautiful floor-sweeping ball gown.

Your use of linen is industry renowned – what made you choose linen over other fibres?

Linen is an incredible and versatile cloth. You can weave it to become a very fine or a very gutsy raw cloth and anything in between. Unlike cotton or silk, you can achieve almost anything with linen. I also like the way it crumples and how it takes colour so beautifully.

Neutral tones are synonymous with de Le Cuona – what made you decide to branch out to the bolder Sapphire and Pomegranate tones for the Persia fabric?

I wanted to add drama to the collection. A design as grand as Persia needs colour to come alive.

Do you have any other materials in mind, which you are keen to explore?

I would say not materials, but combination of materials: mixing silk and linen, wool and mohair, silk and mohair for example – this is such an exciting way forward! How all these fabrics combine creates fascinating contrasting layers of texture for both classic and contemporary interiors worldwide.

Can you give us any hints about future collections or ideas you are wanting to try out next?

Demure Drama is my next collection of exquisite woven paisley, which is going to be launched in September at the London Design Festival. The dramatic Dragonfly Paisley in vibrant shades will bring some unexpected spice to the collection, but we will have gentle signature neutral tones as well.

Click the link to see the de Le Cuona Fabric Collections.

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