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Obsessed With Ombre

Obsessed With Ombre

It’s increasingly apparent that where fashion goes, interiors follow. With the ombre look being unavoidable over the past year, it’s no surprise that it has now turned to interiors, through both textile & wallpaper designs.

The term ombre comes from the French for shadow, darkness and obscurity which might explain why it adds an intriguing element of depth when applied to interiors. Its ability to be versatile may not be so obvious at first glance but it’s a trend that is so playful we just had to explore. So here’s how we think Ombre works at its best…

These retro Bikini Chairs from Studio Aisslinger are such fun and were exhibited alongside an array of fading shades on display at the Milan Furniture Fair 2013; showing that this colour affair has most definitely gone global. Designers Guild’s statement seating again shows how these bright spring hues can become so effective within a modern interior. Soon to be available, Padua from Designers Guild comes in an assortment of exciting candy colours.

Fully embracing the trend for this graduating effect is made easy by Designers Guild’s Saraille wallpaper from the new Contarini collection. The painterly marks left visible give a rustic, shabby chic feel reminiscent of a typical French farmhouse, with a colour revamp that adds statement style.

As much as we love the bright, bold ombres for summer, we equally adore the soft, textural look you can create from this trend, showing true versatility. Its subtle blend of colour achieved through its dying techniques lends itself to the most delicate of sheers ideal for layering. The individual look given to the interior above demonstrates just how experimental you can be. We’ve teamed it with a light & neutral wallpaper such as this water-mark design from Harlequin.

This ever-evolving trend is on our radar to continue to build throughout summer as new designs begin to emerge onto the scene, heavily influenced by the traditional dying techniques. To inspire you further, see our Spring/Summer ’13 Trends Feature for Ombres & Tie-dyes.

Posted by: Emily Coram & Susie Cochrane Tagged as: Trends