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Romo:Saphira & Kitson

Romo: Saphira & Kitson

Well thank goodness that winter business is nearly over! Our designers are welcoming in the Spring and a gorgeous new colour palette with it. Romo have a new fabric collection bursting with zingy, fresh shades like Mariola Jade, all available soon in our Made to Measure products. From street style to nature, the team at Romo pull together influences from a fantastic variety of sources to form the latest trends.

Think blossom, petals and delicate twigs - the Saphira collection uses digital printing to keep the essence of the soft, watercolour brushwork. Harking back to last year’s Artisan Spring blog, we’re loving that artists are back in the spotlight.

This selection serves us up the big colour trends of this year – copper blush, elephant greys, minty mineral tones and sage greens. A point of inspiration like an orchid or peeling paint texture is transformed into classic designs that inform interior design in each new season.

These pastel hues are echoed in the equally refreshing Kitson collection with timeless stripes in complementary fine woven cotton. Fantastic on upholstery, dust off your chairs and give them new life with a jade Filey stripe or fuschia Indus weave.

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