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Neutrals & Naturals

Neutrals & Naturals

Compliment the trend for natural materials with natural linens and neutral colours. Inspired by a recent stay at the boutique Lion + Pheasant hotel in Shrewsbury, the hotel’s ‘The White Company’ look was full of interesting textures & quilted finishes; making the neutral space far from bland.

We have put together two beautiful combinations of hues to show you how white doesn’t have to be plain. Our selection of textured weaves and embroideries aim to create a calming, relaxing feel to your interior.

Neutral shades can be both warm and cool and whilst both generally will work well alongside other colours, their subtle tones really stand out when kept within their palette. Below are our favourites for soft, warm whites and neutrals.

Whilst retaining a light and airy vibe, add interest with white on white embroidery and patterns of stripes and geometrics. We suggest mixing up the fabrics, using them layered as cushions and throws on beds or sofas.

To make cooler shades feel far from cold we’ve picked out pale greys on natural soft fabrics with heavily textured finishes. Another technique is to pair cooler hues with the warmer neutrals shown above, as demonstrated by this stunning bedroom at the Lion + Pheasant.

Pairing chunky weaves such as the quilted designs with the intricate details of the embroidered fabrics helps keep balance to your design. The key is for no single fabric to dominate; a variety of simple designs, textures and shades should be enough to add a real focal point. To achieve this layering technique when dressing windows, use soft, light voiles behind delicate silk embroidered curtains for instant understated elegance.

Find more about booking a stay at the Lion + Pheasant Hotel here.

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