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Morris & Co Pure Wallpaper

Morris & Co Pure Wallpaper

Designed for the free-spirits, the truth-seekers and the quiet contemplators, the ‘Pure Morris’ collection by Morris & Co consists of eight different designs, all recreated from the finest originals by famous textile designer, William Morris.

Largely regarded now as a classically British brand, with pretty woodland patterns, blossoms, scrolls and designs suited to quintessentially British décor, it can be easy to forget that in the Victoria era, William Morris was a radical. Morris rebelled against the blousy florals which defined the era by fashioning vibrant, heavily patterned designs. It somehow seems fitting, therefore, that over 100 years later, his designs have had a radical revamp to dismiss this ‘classic’ stereotype, and prove that his designs can still be contemporary and relevant to modern tastes.

The original designs have been stripped back and given a muted palette to make them more suited to the trends of today. Experimentation with beading, crushed glass techniques, printing blocks and scale have modernised the designs, whilst still maintaining the intricacies and integrity of the originals. The above monotone Acorn design originally dates back to 1879.

The complex pattern of the original ‘Poppy’ design has been printed using original blocks, perfect for any minimalistic design scheme.

Originally designed in 1883, the ‘Strawberry Thief’ design has been repainted in one colour, whilst retaining the detail of the multi-coloured original.

The only colours you will find in this collection are earthy taupe, white, grey, gold and the odd dusky darker tones. The ‘Pure Bachelors Button’ design, inspired by medieval wall murals, also exhibits subtle metallic ink detailing.

This is the brand’s most ‘textured’ approach to Morris yet. Three of the designs are printed using hand-block methods, and the others have been repainted in sophisticated detail to capture the nature of the original designs.

The above images show the printing blocks used for the ‘Pure Willow Bough’ and ‘Pure Sunflower’ designs.

The ‘Pure Lodden’ design is a large scale, simplified version of the original. The artwork was created by screen printing and mixing inks by hand.

Long admirers of Morris & Co who have been searching for a contemporary version, look no further! Described by Morris & Co’s head of Design, Alison Gee, as ‘Morris for the modern living’, the reinvention of these prints in the ‘Pure’ Wallpaper and fabric collections have already been a huge hit in the design world.

The Pure Morris collection is now available on our website.

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