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Modern Mixology

Modern Mixology

Mixing old and new might just seem the inevitable result of trying to live with both your lifelong possessions and spontaneous new purchases. Actually, there’s quite an art to eclectic living, and we’re here to help you perfect it.

Originally inspired by Kirkby’s most iconic designs of the last year from their collection titled, Underground we are noticing throwback designs more & more. In a collaboration with Transport for London, Kirby Design have re-worked the Transport museum’s archive of underground train upholstery fabrics to produce design such as Marylebone & Southbank above. A fab, quirky look for an industrial or warehouse setting.

Fusion is a word that’s big right now – not just in interiors but food and fashion too. Just like on the plate you can take something tried & tested and bring it right up to date by adding a little something extra. Houndstooth dates back to before the 1800's, but Designers Guild adds flirtatious pink and a linen texture to make you rethink this pattern. Camengo’s dazzling Lush fabric is reminiscent of Victorian wallpaper, & works perfectly teamed with this modern take on Victorian tiles from Lorca.

Browsing quirky second-hand shops has become a popular past time for many, but as you take control of your interior make sure you create harmony rather than discord with all those different influences. Take Cole & Son’s Fontainebleau wallpaper - a great example of how to update a classical design with a bright, spring palette. The whole collection reads like a glorious trip through the history books of design and really does offer something for everyone. If you are cautious of mixing several colours, stick to one set of tones – be it cool, warm, rich or fresh.

Sanderson’s latest bestselling collection Voyage of Discovery is a great example of textile designers raiding through archives for inspiration. Heronsford is based on the traditional 1960’s design & with a bit of tweaking and re-sizing of the existing design, they have put a totally new spin on it; bringing together the best of past and present to celebrate a bygone era.

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