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Kids' Rooms

Kids' Rooms

With the children recently being home for Summer you've probably had more time to notice the things that need updating around the house. Decorating bedrooms can be a particularly tricky balancing act of colour, fun and practicality so here are some ideas to get you going.

We took five minutes to chat to interior designer Laura Ward from the Jane Clayton & Co team, to find out her top tips for planning a kids’ room makeover.

What are the main challenges you might face in designing a kids room?

Small bedrooms can be a real challenge, so avoid heavy colours or patterned wallpaper on all walls. Try to make the most of your space with furniture that is sensibly proportioned. Don’t be tempted to line the walls with furniture – remember to leave room for playing and moving around. Storage is a number-one priority for parents, so think of innovative solutions such as multi-purpose furniture. Don’t forget about hidden spaces that can be utilised for storing knick-knacks, like the back of a door, windowsills and under the bed. Safety is a key consideration too, so ideally furniture should be fixed to the wall and window blinds should have cords fitted in line with current safety standards.

What would be your advice to anyone planning a themed room?

Kids always want the latest trend, but as a parent it makes financial sense to choose something that isn’t a passing fad. Pick a favourite colour instead, or a long-term hobby like a sports team they follow. Be realistic with what you can achieve by planning ahead to make sure the items you want are available. Think about the overall feel you are trying to create – branded items aren’t always necessary and choosing relevant fixtures and fittings gives a really professional finish. Cleverly chosen second-hand furniture can produce a unique look and double up as storage, as well as keeping costs down.

Any tips for striking a balance between something fun for the kids and fitting for an adult home?

Recently I saw some children enjoying drawing on a Mr Perswall colouring book wallpaper I had installed, so their unique artwork helped create a fun, quirky look. In the same way, chalkboard paint or vinyl stickers can help express their creativity whilst still looking smart and would suit a minimal, Scandi-style. For a neat and on-trend way to display kids’ artwork I often use a row of wall-hung clipboards that can be easily updated as they change their mind. For teenagers you could always frame their favourite posters with a simple mount.

Here are just a few of our favourite alternative ideas to using typical kids' colour palettes!

Yellow has always been a statement neutral colour in terms of being suitable for both boys and girls. It certainly adds some fun to a child's room!

Aquas and turquoises are soft tones, perfectly paired with a hint of pink for a girly setting.

A multi-coloured bedroom can be tricky to achieve, but start by choosing a main colour such as red here, and add small injections of brights and bolds to suit your taste.

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