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School's Out

School's Out

The kids throw out the school books and you throw up your hands in despair – it must be the school holidays! If you’re struggling to find something to keep them occupied over the break then why not enlist their help in sprucing up playrooms and bedrooms. It’ll keep them occupied, make a good impression on playdates and set them on the right track for the new term.

For boys, branch out with fun and funky patterns that are on the good side of retro such as Pop Cars from Jane Churchill. The brand's ever popular collection Nursery Tales showcases our favourite childhood characters that will forever be in vogue and can be easily matched with soft toys. For more mature boys, it's all about what’s cool right now, so they’ll be pleased as punch if you show them Instagram-worthy designs from Ferm Living. Hit the British, preppy look with their high contrast Rush Hour wallpaper. We also love this simple Native design – grab some linen fabric while you’re at it and you could even whip up a matching tepee if you’re feeling adventurous!

Girls get to be sophisticated, for every little princess traditional Flower Fairies characters offer a timeless look paired with subtle semi plan patterns that will last through the years . Alternatively, be playful with cute, bold patterns like Dotty and Cloud in muted pinks. As the grown-up no doubt you’ll be considering the budget, so you can always choose classic colours that will stand the test of time and can be easily updated with accessories to juggle changing trends.

Using shaker-style, wooden furniture means you can let loose with patterns and textures elsewhere in the room. If you’re lucky enough to have a brand new bundle of loveliness that needs their nursery decorating then Jane Churchill's Nursery Tales collection hits the spot once again.

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