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Coordinating Cole & Son

Coordinating Cole & Son

Cole & Son have developed a semi-plain collection called Landscape Plains, which aims to complement some of their most popular wallpaper designs. Five subtle patterns have been introduced in a host of colours, with matte, pearl and metallic finishes to match a vast range of designs from their repertoire. With over seventy colourways to choose from, Cordovan, Pebble, Watered Silk, Jaspe and Coral will seamlessly fit into any design scheme and, whether stand alone or used to complement an existing Cole & Son wallpaper, will help you to create a more cohesive, completed scheme.

Below we have paired various Landscape Plains designs with other Cole & Son designs to give you an idea of how this collection can blend in with some of the classics.

The Woods, and Woods & Pears are a couple of Cole & Son’s most iconic designs, and the parchment style semi plain Cordovan wallpaper beautifully complements the neutral tones.

Acquario, from the Fornasetti II collection, matches the colour tone and aquatic appearance of the Pebble and Coral designs, both from the Landscape Plains collection.

The olive tones in the historic Winter Birds wallpaper mix well with the earthy Jaspe colourways, and the rose pink tones on the birds and butterflies really stand out next to this Jaspe's pink hue.

Vibrant greens are present throughout a number of Cole & Son’s designs, and the tones found in the Punchinello and Palm Jungle's green wallpapers can be picked out and matched with the deepest of Jaspe colours from Landscape Plains.

Three strong, bold patterns, Palm Jungle, Royal Garden and Florencecourt, can be toned down on adjacent or adjoining walls with the Jaspe lighter green tone.

The brand new Cole & Son Curio collection also blends well with the colours found in the Landscape Plains collection. The Seafern design uses the archived Vermicelli pattern as a background, the same design also found on the Coral design from the Landscape Plains collection. Above, Coral complements the blue tones in Seafern’s.

Finally, the much loved eclectic Flamingos design can be broken up with a neutral Jaspe, or even with Great Vine from the Historic Royal Palaces collection.

With a comprehensive selection of colours, transferable mix of semi-plain designs and harmonising textures, the Landscape Plains collection has made it incredibly easy and enjoyable to complement Cole & Son’s much loved bold wallpaper designs.

Posted by: Jessica Thompson Tagged as: Industry Insider