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Sanderson HOME, Papavera

Sanderson HOME, Papavera

Whenever I hear the faint tinkle of the ice cream van I know the summer is finally here. Grab your goggles, sprint through the wildflowers and head for the pool, we Brits know how to make the most of a gap in the clouds. Papavera from Sanderson Home is the perfect celebration of that spirit, with prints, wallpapers and embroideries to bring on the holiday heat wave.

In juicy, watermelon shades that burst with a combination of natural and geometric forms, there’s more than a little 1960’s retro here. Using a stencil technique with cut out edges gives a raw, abstract effect that harks back to the arts & craft trend we saw everywhere last summer.

This art school vibe is channelled again through strong, textural cotton and modern, floral motifs. We can’t help but think this was a lot of fun to put together, but although it’s playful the mix of ditsy and block prints are definitely not just for kids. The collection name ‘Papavera’ is Latin for poppies, and there’s no shortage of eye-catching petals!

The three collections play with scale and reflect the mad growth of a garden but with a charming simplicity. The plains range offers wide suitability and a contrasting colour palette, ranging from soft taupe to sweet raspberry. For a soothing alternative there are stone and mint shades that are as refreshing as a snooze on a pebble beach.

Our favourites have got to be the Milla wallpaper which to us looks a lot like swimming pool tiles seen through the water and Larksong for bringing the Spring indoors. This is enough to keep us dreaming of happy holidays – whether it’s somewhere hot or just among the garden flowers.

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