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ARTE S/S '17 Launch

ARTE S/S '17 Launch

True to form, the designer wallcovering brand Arte’s four new collections ooze ingenuity and originality. The new Spectra collection lifts Arte into another dimension of creativity, and the mirror effect Moire collection is a unique take on the current metallic trend. It can take Arte’s team of designers up to a year to develop a new collection, so it’s no surprise that this new four collection launch has been met with childlike excitement in our office, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce them to you!

Inspired by the textile industry and the close relationship between fashion/textiles and interior design, each design in the collection celebrates an aspect of the fashion industry. Arte’s designers have used foil, flock and real textiles in the designs, and the Align design contains real pieces of jute loosely sewn together. The Patch design is an eclectic collage of sixties inspired patterns with contrasting prints and colours. The Pulse and Cadance designs have a soft flock texture, with rhythmic herringbone and tweed effect cube patterns.

An old stamping technique was used to create the Contour design, and the miss-matched squiggly lines of Arc resemble pieces of a puzzle which have been carelessly aligned.

The mirror effect metallic Geo is a personal highlight of the collection.

Handmade from rattan, reed and sisal, the textured designs in the Oculaire collection are fashion forward and incredibly stylish.
The Combine herringbone motif is soft and natural thanks to the nature of the sisal breaking up the block colour. Each section is cut out individually, then in-laid by hand and glued together to create the desired pattern.

The same soft transition of colour is apparent in the Insignia design and the geometric pattern with the metallic sheen shimmers in the light. The designs are available in neutral and tri-tone combinations; allowing you to play with colour combinations. Metric tile formation is available in neutral and more contrasting colourways, along with the Unite design consisting of interlinked circles. Combine any of these patterned sisals with one of the 13 colourways of the plain Line design for a scheme with sophisticated cohesion.

The mirror effect Moire wallcovering took centre stage in Arte’s Paris showroom during the design week in January. The wallcovering glitters and glistens, like liquid metal oozing down your wall. The ripples in the design are reminiscent of gentle reflections in water. Applying the superimposing moire technique to the high-gloss lurex yarn makes each mark unique, and each metre of the wallcovering simply one of a kind.

And last but certainly not least, the incredible Spectra collection and all its three dimensional brilliance. This padded wallcovering beckons you to reach out and touch the soft spongy pattern, and the foam component makes the wallcovering perfect for rooms in need of favourable acoustics, as well as ceilings and partitions. The colour combinations are vibrant and playful with strong reds and aqua tones. The panel effect Caisson wallcovering is an exciting modern take on the classic wooden wall panels or for a retro vibe, the Carrelage tile effect design in a classic 70’s orange will create the perfect look.

The Parquet wallcovering is similarly reminiscent of a wooden parquet floor and results in a smart, more formal take on this playful foam concept.

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