How To | Fit A Headboard

How To | Fit a Headboard

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Fitting to the wall

If your headboard has a “split batten” for fixing to the wall, you will need a tape measure, pencil, drill, screwdriver and fixings.
Our headboards come with one half of the split batten already fixed.

1. Begin by deciding on the bed position and check carefully for any obstructions such as cables or pipes in the wall and plan accordingly. Seek advice if you are unsure.

2. Measure the height of your bed, including the mattress.

3. Add to this either 48cm (19") (for our 70cm headboard) or 78cm (31") (for our 100cm headboard). This gives your batten height measurement.

4. Mark this height measurement from the floor at two or more points on the wall behind the bed position - this is the height to the bottom of the wall fixed batten.

5. Align the bottom of the wall fixed batten to your marks, with the angle pointing up away from the wall (see diagram) – remember to also align horizontally with the bed position. Check that the batten is level and mark the screw positions.

6. Drill and plug the wall at the screw positions. Finally screw the batten to the wall and hang the headboard.
Tip: For dry lined or stud walls, ensure that the plugs are a snug fit in the drilled holes. Use specialist plasterboard fixings for stronger fixings as necessary.
Tip: Once fitted, the split batten allows you to slide the headboard from side to side a little for final adjustment.

Fitting to a Divan Bed

If your headboard has struts for fixing to the bed, simply all you need is a screwdriver(s).

1. Ensure that the headboard struts are securely screwed onto the back of the headboard.

2. Locate the two fixing bolts in the bed base (set 15cm/6” from each side).
If you cannot find them:

Check the foot end of the bed – it may be around the wrong way
Feel with the end of a screwdriver for fixing holes, obscured by the fabric covering. The bolts are often supplied separately and may be in a bag stapled to the underside of the bed base.

3. With the bolts attached to the bed base but unscrewed by about 4cm, drop the slotted struts onto the loose bolts.

4. Level up the struts so that the headboard is straight and tighten the fixing bolts firmly.