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The Jane Clayton guide to measuring up for a made-to-measure headboard.

Measuring the bed width

Terms such as ‘Single’ and ‘King’ are not always precise, so we recommend taking your own measurements of your bed before ordering a made-to-measure headboard.

To measure for a bespoke headboard, simply use a measuring tape to determine the bed width across the base rather than the mattress.

Measuring the bed width

Our standard measurements:

Metres Feet Inches
0.90m 3' 36"
1.35m 4'6" 54"
1.50m 5' 60"
1.80m 6' 72"
Choosing a headboard height

Choosing a headboard height

Decide on the height that most suits your style and interior.

Up to 10cm (4”) of the overall height of our headboard will be set below the top of the mattress (the pillow board).

Our made-to-measure headboards come in two standard heights:

  • 70cm (28”) (60cm visible)
  • 100cm (39”) (90cm visible)
Fixing a headboard

Fixing options

We supply our headboards either fixed with a batten for fixing to the wall or fixed with struts for fixing to the bed base:

Wall mounted

Wall fixing is the recommended option for large headboards (especially for our 100cm height headboards) as it’s simple and secure.

Bed mounted

Struts are adequate for most headboards but can be unstable for bigger sizes.

Note: Divan beds should have fixing bolts for headboard struts set 15 cm (6”) from the sides of the bed.

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