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We always recommend using a rug underlay to prevent your rug from slipping and protect your rug and floor. Follow our instructions below on how to install Foxi Super Plus Underlay, including working out the optimal size you’ll need.

Our recommended underlay for rugs is Foxi Super Plus. It is suitable for both smooth surfaces like wooden and laminate floors as well as carpets.

Why use underlay? 

The primary benefits of using Foxi Super Plus underlay are:

  1. Comfort. It adds exceptional comfort under rugs thanks to its needlepunch fleece of new fibres and its soft thickness of 5/6mm. This also assists with lessening the sound of footsteps on the rug.
  2. Extend rug life. The underlay is designed to contribute to the longevity of your rug by preventing premature wear by avoiding movement and slipping.
  3. Stability. Unsecured rugs can move around, making them a trip hazard and also potentially damaging the rug. Foxi Super Plus holds the rug and prevents it from slipping.
  4. Floor protection. Other types of rug backings such as tapes can be rough or sticky and cause marking or staining of certain floor types. Foxi Super Plus is gentle to all surfaces.

How to use Foxi underlay

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Step 1

For best results, make sure your floor or carpet as well as your rug are clean. When washing floors, ensure the surface is complete dry before you put down the underlay. When vacuuming, make sure you never vacuum the underlay.

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Step 2

Your underlay should always be smaller than your rug size, and you may need to trim your selected size a little for the exact size of your rug. For heavier rugs we recommend trimming the underlay up to 7.5cm smaller than the rug on all sides, and up to 5cm smaller on lighter rugs. To get the trim right, place the underlay over the top of the rug and use the rug as a guide, and then trim with a pair of sharp scissors. 

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Step 3

Lay the white side of the underlay down in the place where you want the rug to go. Now carefully place your rug on the fox face. Once in place, avoid moving the rug and underlay - the more you move it the more it attracts dust and other particles, making it less effective at preventing slipping.

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